That Sinking Feeling

So our kitchen is done….for now at least. We left the countertop for around the sink until last as we figured the first two would be good practice, which they were. Our neighbor Scottie was a big help with getting the form built, he did the hole for the sink part, Suzie bought a little bottle of acrylic paint for the faucet hole as it was the perfect diameter. However as soon as we got the concrete poured Suze realized the form had not been built as a mirror image to what we actually wanted (the sink on the left)! While we were deliberating what to do and how we might be able to use the side with all of the bubbles on, one of our chickens jumped on top and left a claw print in the wet concrete – which made up our minds, we were using it!

Darn! Could we not have realized a little sooner?!
Pesky Chickens!

Thinking we needed an orbital sander we headed off into Paducah, Lowe’s had the sanders but not the diamond discs we needed so we had lunch and drove home. This happens a lot actually and it’s why we order a lot from the internet I guess.

Once the concrete had cured we needed to get it out of the form which proved somewhat difficult so we whacked it with a mallet and cracked the concrete, thought what the hell and then this happened:

We had no choice but to start over, our contractor was booked. We did things differently this time though and did not silicone around the form for the sink and we poured the concrete in smaller batches (to try to avoid pour marks, although we do kind of like those).

Fingers crossed.
Removing the inner form.
Carefully does it.
Flipped and sanding.
Quite a bit of sanding…
Applying the food grade sealant.
It served us well.

John our most excellent contractor arrived to fit the cabinets we bought and our new countertop. However, we bought an under-mount sink but due to the rough, uneven nature of the underneath of our flipped counter we could not use it as such. Which left us with a real problem as the hole we had left for the sink in the concrete was too small for a standard over-mount sink! We phoned around but not even mobile home and RV manufacturers could help us, their sinks were too small. The sink we had though just about fitted the hole so I decided we should have a go at jimmying it in and using it as an over-mount, John was concerned about bending the inside of the sink but went and fetched his rubber mallet.

The cabinets going in.

We got the sink in without damaging the bowls of the sink, so we took it out, glued it and put it back. There was a bit of the lip sticking up at the front and I asked John to give it another whack and DISASTER struck!


Suzie was at work but when she got home she just loved it, crack and all, because that’s just who she is. I am “Mr Everything Needs to be Perfect” but Suzie said the damage was part of the countertops story now and that we should just fill the cracks, Kintsugi was mentioned but who has the money for gold!

Looks great we think.
Because there’s more to life than kitchen countertops.
It was also Starling migration season again this week.

Bird o’clock!

Suze and I would quite often sit outside of a morning and evening when we lived in California and we always loved to listen to the birdsong, we used to call it “Bird o’clock”.

Blimey though, yesterday WOW! it really was Bird o’clock! We were unindated with European Starlings by the thousand it seemed like. I did ask our loveliest neighbors what they were but when Suzie got home she teased me for not recognizing a Starling when I saw and heard one as they are everywhere in England – in my defence though it’s not like I saw any of them up close….but I should perhaps have recognized their song.

Presumably they are all off to warmer climes, I doubt very much they were just getting here.

Hitchcock’s The Birds anyone?
Loads more across the road at our neighbors.
Oh boy, where to start….?