Muddy MO

So, of course we have headed into serious rain country here in Missouri, which is what we are looking for. However, it does make what we are doing 10x harder. The van gets a lot smaller when we can’t temporarily put stuff outside, we can’t cook any food on the little propane stove we bought and just maneuvering ourselves and two small, damp, dogs into a comfortable sleeping position is tricky. Al and I definitely smell like wet dog most of the time.

But we can’t let the weather stop us from looking for our next home so we are endeavoring to carry on.

We set off for house number three with high hopes and in mostly dry conditions. We diligently followed directions courtesy of maps down a road that ended with a ‘road closed’ sign. Looking for somewhere to turn around led us down another road which absolutely should have been closed. In fact I’m not sure it even could be called a road. With nowhere to turn around, a river on one side and a boggy field on the other we carried on as long as we could until we slid off the road into mud that was several inches deep. Oh dear.

We had the spins

Thankfully we have AAA and they came to our rescue, until that it they also got stuck in the mud!

The tow truck also slid off the road!

Thankfully our rescuer, Keith, is one of those guys who love playing in the mud. He winched himself out via a nearby tree and then came to help us. Lessons have been learned!

The fantastic Keith


Safe and sound, thanks to Keith!